Heat-set insert installation tip for #4-40, M3, and M5 inserts compatible with 1/4" Weller (ST series tips) and Hakko FX-888D irons. Used for connecting 3D printed parts

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Manufacturer Description

Heat set inserts are a wonderful way to improve link strength between 3D published components. Nonetheless, if you have actually attempted to set heat-set inserts in your plastic or 3D published part with your soldering iron, you might have had the stress of pressing the insert in just to have it come right back out adhered to your soldering iron and also spoiling your component at the same time. A lot of soldering iron tips can capture on the edge of the insert causing it to stick on the iron when you pull the settle. If you utilize the "horizontal method" it's hard to recognize the insert is directly. Our insert tips have an upright wall that fixes that problem. The iron pulls right out after pressing the warm insert. Because the shoulder is square it's easier to recognize if the insert is square in the piece, something that's harder to regulate with a conelike soldering suggestion. The shank is a lot longer (0.75") and also narrower than what you get with the McMaster-Carr insert suggestion (just 0.25" long), permitting you to set little inserts right into edges of components without thawing the side of the component. This is especially useful if you're installing a motherboard in a 3D published box or doing a mounting that requires the insert to come near the side of the component. Compatibility with 1/4" ST Series Weller tips, insert and also set screw design, and also inner ceramic burner systems like Hakko FX888D ideally will let you utilize the iron you currently possess. These tips are 1.6" (40 mm) long with the suggestion section regarding 0.75" (19mm). There is a 5/32" inner tooth cavity for ceramic heating systems. On Weller irons with ST Series tips, the 1/4" shank can be expanded as far as the set screw will certainly enable. On Hakko FX888D irons, the 0.75" is the reach with 1/4" clearance. 2 tips included, one for # 4-40 and also M3 and also the other for M5 inserts. ** Not checked with every feasible soldering iron. Not all Wellers have 1/4" barrels, so determine your own first. ** If you have a Weller WES51 iron, search ASIN: B07GNX86BB for a compatible suggestion.

Product Features

Longer shank than McMaster tip allows you to reach deeper into 3D printed parts and tight corners to install heat-set inserts without touching your iron and melting the plastic Installation tip works better than soldering iron tip since conical tips can catch on the insert and accidentally pull the insert out while melting the plastic and ruining the part. One tip works for #4-40 and M3 and the other tip works for M5 inserts for same price as one McMaster tip. More types of inserts and better reach than other installation tips. #4/M3 tip works okay for #6 and M4 inserts, but just not a perfect fit...still better than a soldering iron. Search ASIN: B07BH5X252 for a pack of 50 #4-40 inserts. Tips are compatible with many 1/4" Weller ST series tip irons internal ceramic heaters of many Hakko models. No other tip is compatible with as many soldering irons. The McMaster tip is not compatible with Hakko irons. These installation tips slide over the ceramic heating element of the Hakko irons, just like the soldering iron tip, while still fitting in the 1/4" chamber of ST Series tips Weller irons. We have not tested every possible soldering iron. Weller has dozens of models. If you need some brass inserts to get going, search Amazon ASIN: B07BH5X252 which is package of 50 #4-40 inserts. For Weller WES51 ET-Series tips, see https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GNX86BB. A must-have for every 3D printer toolbox. Made in Colorado, USA. Not intended to be used for soldering. Soldering iron not included.

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